Increase formaldehyde production and efficiency within weeks.

Navigance finds opportunities to optimize the process right across your plant. Data-driven analytics and artificial intelligence unlock the potential in your operations. And world-class Navigance process and catalyst expertise helps you make the most of it. For optimization of formaldehyde process efficiency and profitability within weeks – and around the clock.


How Navigance works

At the heart of Navigance is a state-of-the-art machine learning and analytics. It analyses your production data in real time to offer 24/7 actionable advice for process control variable settings – all on a single dashboard.
About Navigance technology

That’s backed by insights and optimization advice from Navigance’s own process and catalyst experts. They’ll stay close and work as your partner to help continuously to optimize your plant’s performance.
Working with Navigance

See the benefits, fast.

Increase profits within weeks

by unleashing your plant’s full potential.

Optimize with confidence

based on real-time recommendations.

Deploy fast

with a ready-to-go process base model we’ll tailor to your needs.

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Take formaldehyde production further.

Goals FA

Navigance is a ready- to- go insolution for formaldehyde plants like yours. Use it to optimize production efficiency and deliver on the objectives that matter the most:

  • Process efficiency
  • Yield
  • Profit
  • Methanol cost
  • Formaldehyde output

Tailor Navigance to your needs.

Navigance suits all formaldehyde plants with various process technologies and configurations, including:

  • Pressurized and non-pressurized plants
  • Single, parallel or series reactor concepts
  • All reactor-cooling medium types and technologies
We’ll configure our Navigance base solution to suit your specific setup, technology mix, process constraints and limitations.


Act with intelligence.

Navigance can find ways to optimize formaldehyde production by analyzing data from sensors at key points across your plant, including:

  • Mass or volume flows for major process streams
    (such as methanol, process/recycled gas, process water and product)
  • Process stream compositions (such as oxygen concentration in the feed stream, or formaldehyde concentration in the product solution)
  • Temperatures (including those of the reactor, process streams and in the catalyst bed, etc.)   

Recommendations_ FA

Refine any time.

Navigance recommends optimized settings for process variables you can actively control – directly or indirectly. These variables are customized to the specifics of your plant and formaldehyde process and can include:

  • Methanol flow
  • Recycled gas flow
  • Oxygen concentration
  • Heat transfer fluid temperature
  • Absorber water flow

Navigance for Methanol

Bring the same intelligent optimization and efficiency to your methanol production. 
Navigance for Methanol is ready-to-go solution that works with any technology license and catalyst. 

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