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Chemical process models – from first principle to hybrid models

In this article, we explore the role, common uses and limitations of the first principle approach to chemical process modelling. And we contrast this with the advantages and disadvantages of using empirical or statistical models.

We then look at how taking the first steps into new, intelligent 'hybrid' models can deliver the best of both approaches and more than the sum of their parts.

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Navigance white paper 
Make technology work for you, not more work for yourself.

AI-enabled data analysis unlocks hidden process optimization potential, effortlessly and without tying up your resources. Our free white paper reveals where to start.

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Nitrogen+Syngas published an article on data-driven chemical process optimization.

Recently, Nitrogen+Syngas published an article about the growing importance of technical services for chemical producers in their May-June 2020 issue. 

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Optimizing chemical production using data-driven, AI-enabled hybrid modeling

Smart use of your plant’s data can take process efficiency to a higher level. Hybrid models driven by artificial intelligence deliver the best results for the least effort. And you don’t need a data science degree to enjoy them.

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