Unleash hidden efficiencies in your chemical processes.

Navigance combines state-of-the-art machine learning, real-time data analytics and world-class process and catalyst expertise to find ways to optimize you can act on 24/7.

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Working with Navigance

Navigance can help optimize the efficiency of chemical production at your plant in two key ways.

The Navigance optimization engine

Our optimization engine uses real-time data analysis and machine learning to recommend ways to improve from a regular feed of all data key to your plant’s performance. Your team can review and act on this advice fast. An ongoing process that can help continuously optimize how you work.


Data-driven process advice

The same experts who design and deploy Navigance in your plant can see the same data feeds as the optimization engine. So they can offer more insights and ideas to push your plant’s potential even further.

Tap into world-class process and catalyst expertise that can help you find the ‘needle in the haystack’. And keep your team focused on running your operation at its very best.

Ready to go in your industry.

Navigance is already available for producers of formaldehyde and methanol. It works with any technology and catalyst. And we’ll tailor it to your plant’s precise needs and setup.



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It’s time to optimize your operation.

We already have a Navigance base solution that’s ready to go.
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