Navigance Data Platform

See, share, and harness your plant data like never before.

Real-time and historical data visualization at your fingertips, on a single dashboard.

Data Platform explained

Your plant data and critical KPIs readily available.

Digitalization Read more in our blog series on digitalization of chemical plants.is transforming chemical operations. Make sure yours is among them.

Take control of data gathered from your plants and processes with the Navigance Data Platform. Our cloud-based software serviceRead more in our blog series on cloud services. lets you visualize all your data in one place.

See a snapshot view of critical measures. Share secure access with only the people you choose. Spot and analyze patterns or problems. Transform how you work together. And lay the foundations to maximize plant availability and optimize your operationsRead more in our blog article "Optimizing chemical production using data-driven, AI-enabled hybrid modeling".


Your Navigance Data Platform makes it effortless:

See all your data,
all in one place

Get a single view of your real-time and historical data in one intuitive cloud-based dashboard. See a snapshot view of key metrics and KPIs. Drill down into specific details. And customize it with the insights your team needs most.


Spot and act on
patterns and trends

Track patterns and trends in your data with graphical visualizations that make spotting and responding to issues and deviations easier. 
Use the Time Explorer tool to analyse your data, comment on trends. Then take actions faster, without time consuming manual handling of your data.navigance_explorer

Share access with
only the right people

Give secure access to your Navigance Data Platform for team members, plants and partners who need it.
Set strict role- and account-based access rights. Then analyze and innovate together using the same data, from anywhere in the world.


Get going fast, whatever your setup

Make your first step towards digitalization quick and painless. The Navigance Data Platform works with any existing plant setup and technology, including your DCS. It also provides data historian functionality to enable advanced analysis.navigance_dcs

Unlock the potential in your data

Make it your platform for getting even more value from your data, maximising plant availability and optimizing your process. The Navigance suite is built on decades of chemical engineering and data science expertise. And it keeps getting better.navigance_experts

Keep your plant
data secure

Your data is always safe with Navigance.
We use ISO-certified, end-to end encryption* to, from and within a virtual private cloud. All reinforced with 24/7 threat monitoring and strict user access controls.navigance_protect

* Our compliance with ISO standards includes ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, and 27018:2014

It’s time to do more with your data.


Navigance Data Platform is ready to run with your plant data, setup, and technology.

For data insights and advanced analysis at your fingertips.


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Navigance data visualization

Track patterns in your data over time

Use the Time Explorer to look back over historical data for key metrics, specific processes or key pieces of equipment.

Clear visualizations make it easy to spot patterns, deviations and any potential issues  – and focus attention where it’s needed.

Secure access anywhere

Collaborate better with secure access to your plant data, visulizations and KPIs for all plant personnel and partners who need them, and no-one who doesn't. 

Strict access controls mean you can define who has access to what data, down to specific roles, sites and individual users. Just part of the robust security measuresRead more in our blog article "Cloud security and how Navigance protects your data" across all Navigance solutions that keep your data always under your control.  
Navigance platform login
Navigance Time Explorer with comment

Trace your steps

With so much data at your fingertips, it could be easy to lose track. Not so with the Navigance Data platform.

Within the dashboard you can make annotations on any trends you observe, or remedial action you take to address them. So there's a handy record all in one place for you or whoever needs to check back later.
Discover the full Navigance suite

Your digital journey made easy

The Navigance Data Platform provides powerful data visualization – but that’s just the beginning. When the time’s right, take the next step with your Navigance Plant Monitor and Optimization Engine.
Get intelligent insights, alerts, and recommendations to help maximize your plant’s availability and optimize your process, all in the same dashboard. Backed by ongoing support and advice from the Navigance team.

Optimization Engine

Unlock hidden potential in your chemical process, continuously and around the clock. AI-enabled hybrid models let you optimize with intelligence – and confidence.

Plant Monitor

Focus your energies on the issues that need addressing now – and your core plant operations. Get automated, AI-based monitoring and alerts to keep your plant available 24/7.



The role of technical services

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