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Optimization Engine

Keep hitting critical goals and KPIs around the clock. Our hybrid process models and industrial AI scan your plant data and deliver automatic, actionable recommendations for fine-tuning process control variables.

Take actions. Optimize with confidence.

The Navigance Optimization Engine is cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that delivers automated recommendations plus insights from our own experts to help you continuously optimize plant performance.

  • A dynamic, highly adaptable hybrid model of your chemical process 
  • 24/7 optimization recommendations in a custom web interface
Hybrid process models enhanced with machine learning scan the plant data in few minutes and find ways to optimize your chemical process. Read more about hybrid models and why they matter in our blog.
Navigance Optimization Engine monitor

How the Optimization Engine benefits you

Find opportunities to optimize your chemical process automatically and continuously.

Optimize where it matters most

Select your optimization goals – from efficiency to output, energy consumption to cost of production.

We'll integrate them into a hybrid model of your plant and create a strategy for achieving them.

Skip the manual analysis

Don't waste hours analyzing your process data for ways to optimize.

The Navigance Optimization Engine does it for you, providing automatic recommendations you can follow with confidence.

Hit your goals continuously

Use its actionable advice to fine-tune your process control variables and keep hitting critical KPIs.

And adapt quickly to different scenarios and objectives, with high levels of flexibility built in.

See everything in one place

A single, intuitive dashboard shows your key process data and all recommended actions.

Customize it with the insights you need most. And share access securely with those who need it.

Free up your team’s time

The Navigance Optimization Engine needs little in-house resource.

Our experts assist your team not only with planning and deployment of your solution, they provide ongoing advice and insights too.

Your data’s always secure

We protect your sensitive data at every stage with ISO-certified, end-to end encryption.

That’s reinforced with 24/7 threat monitoring and your own strict controls over who has access.

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How the Navigance Optimization Engine works

Our cloud-based analytics tools and expert insights keep your chemical process running at its optimum. Here’s how.

A hybrid model of your process enhanced with machine learning algorithms scans your data 24/7, learns its patterns, and spots ways to optimize.
It delivers automatic recommendations for fine tuning control variables in a secure online dashboard, viewable anywhere by anyone with access rights.
Your team can implement its advice with confidence – and our Navigance experts will offer additional insights to help you continuously optimize too.

Implementation tailored to you 

Optimizing should free up not tie up your team. Our experts implement it right, so you can enjoy the benefits. 

We’ll establish your digital readiness and optimization potential with a benefit assessment of your plant’s specific setup and needs.
Next, we’ll build a hybrid process model specific to your plant and its priorities, with adaptability build in to flex as needs change.
We’ll train machine learning algorithms to work within and scan your process data for ways to optimize.
And we’ll establish the secure data uploads needed to deliver near-real time analysis and optimization advice.
Ready. Set. Optimize.

Download your free implementation guide

Get the Navigance guide to implementing continuous process optimization – and take your chemical operations to the next level.

Navigance Optimization Engine Implementation Guide

What our customers say

“Implementing the recommendations to our process has become a daily routine for our shift operators. They can take actions quickly since we use the Navigance dashboard on a screen right next to our DCS screens. Already, after a few weeks, we have noticed an improvement in our plant’s performance."

Paulius BarvainisSenior Process Engineer Formalin Plant, Achema AB

“Through implementing the recommendations generated by the Optimization Engine I can continuously improve my plant’s performance. Using the web-based interface provides me the flexibility to follow the plant operation closely and analyze process data easily, even when working from home.”

Roman WolfProcess Engineer, Dukol

Get your Navigance Optimization Engine now

Our base models are ready to go and work with any chemical process or plant technology. We’ll tailor a solution to suit your specific needs and setup fast.

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