Navigance Optimization Engine

Unlock hidden potential in your chemical process, continuously and around the clock.

With Navigance you can optimize your:

Optimization Chemical Plant Illustration

and more.

You select your optimization goals and we will  integrate them to your plant-specific models and fit the optimization strategies to your needs.
This allows you to flexibly react to changing conditions and get recommendations that help you reach your goals.

Optimization Engine explained

Optimize with intelligence.

Day-to-day plant operations don’t stop. So sparing the time, resource and expertise needed to optimize your process continuously may sound like an impossible dream. But it doesn’t have to be.

The Navigance Optimization Engine puts technologies at your fingertips that scan your data for ways to optimize. Our hybrid process models transform your real-time data to recommendations you can act on confidently, 24/7. Freeing up, not tying up, your in-house personnel from time consuming data analytics. So they can focus on keeping your plant running.

Get insights in a single dashboard. Fine-tune process control variable settings to hit critical KPIs. Tap into ongoing advice and support from world-class process and catalyst experts. And optimize within weeks, continually around the clock, even as conditions change.

Navigance Optimization Engine

Your Navigance Optimization Engine includes:

Process optimization recommendations

Receive actionable advice on how to fine tune your process control variables to reach your optimization goals. Our hybrid process models, tailored to your plant, and machine learning combine to generate recommendations and help you optimize your process 24/7.

Navigance support

Our process and data science experts are always on hand, from design and deployment of your plant-specific solution to ongoing analysis and optimization advice.

Data Platform

See and share real-time and historic process data plus ways to improve from the Navigance Optimization Engine, all in a single, intuitive dashboard.

Tailored to you and what you do.

The Navigance Optimization Engine works with any technology license and catalyst. And we can’t wait to show what it could mean for you.

We can work with you on building a tailored hybrid model for your chemical process. Or benefit from our ready-to-go base models for these production processes that allow a quick implementation to your plant specific situation:


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With your Navigance Optimization Engine you can:

Focus your energy
on what matters

No need to manually analyze your process data. Your plant-specific Navigance Optimization Engine does it for you. AI-enhanced hybrid plant models recommend ways to optimize your process across many variables. Choose your optimization goals. Deliver them with confidence. And change them as needed.navigance_optimization_matters

Optimize with confidence 24/7

Get real-time, actionable advice to optimize process control variable settings and hit your goals. Navigance combines round-the-clock, automated recommendations with ongoing support and insights from our experts to help continuously optimize your plant’s performance.navigance_optimization_optimize_

See everything
in one place

The Navigance Data Platform included with this solution, provides a single dashboard view of your process data and any suggested actions. Drill down into the details. See and analyze process trends over time. And customize it with the insights your team needs most.navigance_optimization_one_place

Leave the hard
part to us

You’ll need little in-house resource to optimize with intelligence. Our process, catalyst and data science experts are on hand from planning and deployment through to ongoing analysis and advice. You’re always in the driving seat. We’ll help you steer.navigance_optimization_navigance

Keep your 
data secure

Your data is always safe with Navigance.
We use ISO-certified, end-to end encrypted storage* and connections to, from and within a virtual private cloud. Plus 24/7 threat monitoring and strict user access controls.navigance_protect

Enjoy the
benefits, fast

Navigance base models are ready to go and work with any plant setup chemical process or technology. We’ll tailor a solution to your specific needs fast. One that’s flexible to adapt as priorities or operating constraints change.navigance_optimization_enjoy

Ready to optimize with intelligence?

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Navigance Recommendations Dashboard

Clean, reliable, and ready to optimize

As soon as Navigance Optimization Engine receives your data, it removes all outliers using, among other techniques, adaptive filters and pattern-matching heuristics.
So you can count on reliable, real-time optimization recommendations based on the data that really matters.

Go beyond traditional models

A hybrid model of your specific plant enhanced with machine learning takes all observed real-time and historical data into account.
It learns intuitively and adapts quickly so you can optimise even under changing conditions – from varying load scenarios to deactivating catalysts.
Navigance hybrid process models
Navigance Data Platform

Your plant at a glance

The Navigance Data Platform provides secure access to your plant data in a web-based interface with worldwide access. So you can give your team the tools and data they need – and nothing they don’t – with secure individual and role-based access.
See the status of your process and performance against key metrics. Visualize, explore and create your own views of all process variable data with ease. And add your plant-specific Navigance Optimization Engine to bring ways to optimize all into the same, single dashboard. All a click away, however you need it.
Discover the full Navigance suite

Your digital journey made easy

The Navigance Optimization Engine is just part of a powerful suite of solutions designed to help you unleash the full potential in your data.
Visualize it like never before with your Navigance Data Platform – available as a standalone option. Or get 24/7 monitoring and alerting with the Navigance Plant Monitor.

Plant Monitor

Focus  on the issues that need addressing now – and your core plant operations. Get automated, AI-based monitoring and alerts to keep your plant available 24/7.

Data Platform

Put powerful visualization of your plant data at your fingertips on a single dashboard. For informed analysis, decisive action, and sharper decision making.