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with the Performance Manager

Make better, more collaborative, more informed decisions with automatic visualization of your process data in a single interface customized to each user’s role, focus and priorities.

How the Navigance Performance Manager benefits you

Plant operators, engineers and management alike can drive plant performance and efficiency with this single solution for enhanced transparency and collaboration.

Spot opportunities

Use near-real-time and historic plant data to track what’s critical to your role: performance KPIs, energy efficiency, production cost, plant uptime and more.

One source of truth

View everything in a single interface, customized to each user and team’s needs, with secure rights-based access anytime, anywhere.

Make faster decisions

Automated data processing and visualization mean you can shift your focus from manual gathering and reporting to effective analysis and action.

Take efficient action

Communication and actions are embedded in the data flows, so you can see your decisions through to completion while freeing up time.

Collaborate smarter

Process engineers can give tailored advice to operations linked to relevant variables and trends. And operators can take and document effective actions.

Extend the benefits

Share your expertise and findings by easily extending the same clear, consistent view of performance to other plants and processes.


Quick and easy to implement

Get your plant and teams making the most of the Navigance Performance Manager in just three steps.

We’ll agree the right data format and calculation schemes and define what your users and teams need from visualization.
We’ll agree and set up your secure, regular, automated data uploads and the rights-based user access to make the most of them.
You’ll go live with pre-configured interface and stay flexible, tailoring dashboards quickly as needs change.

Ready to optimize your decision-making?

The Navigance Performance Manager helps you focus on what matters most.

Let’s talk about what you need.

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