Navigance Plant Monitor

Maximize your chemical plant’s availability.

Focus on the issues that need addressing now – and your core operations.
Get automated, AI-based monitoring and alerts to help keep your plant available 24/7.

Plant Monitor explained

Effortless monitoring. Get alerted early.

When chemical production processes fluctuate or issues occur, it can impact uptime or quality and potentially cause long spells of lost production. And you may only find out there’s a problem when it’s too late.

Even if you’re collecting plant data, busy teams can lack the time or tools to trace issues to their source or – even better – spot new ones before they strike.

Your Navigance Plant Monitor does it for you. It automatically monitors for and flags anomalies and deviations, so your team can tackle them early to maximize uptime.

See and review all alerts in the Navigance Data Platform – a single intuitive interface included with your Navigance Plant Monitor.


The Navigance Plant Monitor includes:

Data Platform

A customizable dashboard for a single view of live and past alerts, suggested fixes, and patterns in your plant and process data.

24/7 monitoring and
contextual alerting

Combines advanced data analytics technologies to monitor your plant around the clock, spot potential issues and alert those who need to know 24/7. 

Navigance support

Our process and data science experts are always on hand, from design and deployment to ongoing analysis and advice.

Designed to support your operations:

Monitor your plant

Advanced analytics algorithms monitor your plant data to detect anomalies, deviations, and potential problems early. Our Navigance Plant Monitor is built on decades of expertise in chemical engineering and data science.navigance_monitoring

Get instant alerts
around the clock

If your Navigance Plant Monitor detects an issue, it instantly alerts those who need to know and take action. Choose who receives alerts, how, and how often – by text, email, or within the Navigance Data Platform.navigance_alert

See everything
in one place

Get a single view of all live alerts and actions in a dashboard. Dive into the detail of any alert. See and analyze underlying trends in the data and any available comments over time. And customize it with the insights you need most.navigance_dashboard

Access anywhere
in the world

Multiple team members can access your Navigance Plant Monitor from anywhere, on any device. Give your team the tools and data they need – and nothing they don’t – with secure individual and role-based access.navigance_access

Keep your plant
data secure

Your data’s always safe with Navigance. We use ISO-certified, end-to end encrypted storage* and connections to, from and within a virtual private cloud. All reinforced with 24/7 threat monitoring and strict access controls.navigance_protect

Extend to other
plants with ease

Bring automated monitoring and alerting to your other plants and facilities, anywhere in the world.
Once it’s proving its worth in one, we’ll tailor and roll out the Navigance Plant Monitor to others, quickly and with transparent pricing.navigance_extend

* Our compliance with ISO standards includes ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, and 27018:2014

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Navigance Time Explorer with comments

Your plant at a glance

See the status of your plant and its equipment in a single dashboard view. It guides you intuitively to the aspects that need your attention.
Check the latest alerts and drill down into the detail of any specific alert. Filtered unresolved alerts by process or equipment let you focus on what's important.

Visualize equipment health

Get an overview of the status of your key plant equipment at any time.

At-a-glance views of availability and performance help you to evaluate your plant status quickly.
Navigance equipment health visualization
Navigance pattern detection

Intelligent pattern recognition

The Navigance Plant Monitor detects patterns in your plant data, and any sudden changes in their frequency or distribution.
Suspicious trends or anomalies trigger alerts to your plant team, who can act fast to keep key equipment and processes running to full capacity and quality.

It’s time to maximize your plant availability

The Navigance Plant Monitor works with all plant technologies and setups.

So let’s put it to work in yours.

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The Navigance Plant Monitor is just part of a powerful suite of solutions designed to help you unleash the full potential in your data. 
Visualize it like never before with your Navigance Data Platform – available as a standalone option. Or use it to optimize your process with the Navigance Optimization Engine.

Optimization Engine

Unlock hidden potential in your chemical process, continuously and around the clock. Receive recommendations from AI-enabled hybrid models that let you optimize with intelligence – and confidence.

Data Platform

Put powerful visualization of your plant data at your fingertips on a single dashboard. For informed analysis, decisive action, and sharper decision making. Secure web-based access let's your team see relevant information anytime from anywhere.