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with the Navigance

Service Portal

Increase your success rate, repeat business and customer loyalty with fast, focused, effective support based on secure, continuous data exchange with your customers.   

How the Service Portal benefits you

Enhance how you work and the support you give your customers.

Stop wasting hours on manual data handling Free up your experts to give customers valuable, focused advice based on automated, cloud-based data processing.  
See the data your customers see Regular, secure, reliable data feeds show how your catalysts or technologies are performing in the parts of customers’ processes you support.  
Accelerate response times

Diagnose issues, spot opportunities, and share reports and advice faster. Communicate easily in a single online dashboard – no more emails

Give a service that stands out Grow customer loyalty and win new customers with enhanced technical support that differentiates your offering.  
Keep optimizing your offering Use data effectively to enhance insights and innovate across your products, services, and technologies.  
Generate new revenue streams Develop your own digital service offerings based on your customers data and the capabilities of the Navigance Service Portal.  

Make the difference:
Partner with Navigance

Whether you’re a technology licensor, consultant, catalyst, or equipment supplier, we’re ready to help the expert support you give your customers and how you communicate with them. We specialize in chemical processes and delivering solutions to your needs and theirs.

Digitalize your customer support with the Service Portal

The Navigance Service Portal is easy to integrate with the tools you and they already use. There’s no software installation needed. Simply access the service from anywhere with our web-based application you can run in any browser. Which means you can quickly get up and running, to collaborate and communicate better.

Define the plant details and agree on a process data format with your customers.
Navigance implements customer-specific cloud storage and automates data processing.
Deliver timely and effective advice and communications for your customers using the same data they see.

Get your customized Service Portal

Partner with Navigance and we’ll tailor a Service Portal with your brand and to the tools your customers use.

Contact our team to get started.

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