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Plant Monitor

Anticipate and tackle potential problems in your plant early to prevent costly downtime. The Navigance Plant Monitor scans your process data 24/7 and proactively alerts you to anomalies so you can take fast, focused action.

How the Navigance Plant Monitor benefits you

Use your plant data to anticipate and avoid threats to plant availability you might not otherwise see coming.

No more unplanned downtime

Chemical producers lose $20bn a year to unplanned downtime but it’s to predict until it happens.

We’ll help you see it coming early, so you take steps to keep plant availability high.
24/7 plant monitoring

Industrial AI automatically monitors your data to detect anomalies and deviations from normal patterns.

Find out more about our plant monitoring techniques and how they’re used
Get proactive alerts when you need to act

The Navigance Plant Monitor instantly alerts those who need to know about abnormal behavior.

So they can take targeted action before it becomes a problem later.
Everything in one place

Access all alerts and any actions taken to address them in a single online dashboard.

Analyze trends. Customize your view with the insights you need. And share access with your team.
Your data’s always secure

We protect your sensitive data at every stage with ISO-certified, end-to end encryption.

That’s reinforced with 24/7 threat monitoring and your own strict controls over who has access.
Easy extension to other plants

Bring automated monitoring and alerting to your other plants and facilities, anywhere in the world.

Once it’s proving its worth in one, we’ll tailor it to others, quickly and with transparent pricing.
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How the Plant Monitor works

By understanding your plant data's patterns, it knows when something doesn't look right. 

It monitors your plant data automatically 24/7 to detect patterns and any sudden changes in their frequency or distribution.
Any deviations or anomalies generate instant, aggregated, actionable, alerts, helping you analyze and take the right actions quickly
You can view and analyze alerts, actions, and trends in a single dashboard customized to show what each unique user needs.
Grant access to whoever needs it, on the devices of their choice, with configurable rights.

Implement any scope of solution you need 

There's no need to give up your own team's time to get started. Our experts are on hand to help.

We’ll collect important details about your process and instrumentation, to define the scope of your ideal monitoring solution.
We’ll tailor algorithms to capture the dynamics of your operation, so that meaningful and relevant alerts are generated.
We’ll set up secure, automated sharing of your data, so it’s ingested and cleaned ready for effective processing.
And we’ll set up the custom dashboards and proactive alerts you and your colleagues need to continuously monitor, and act if an issue’s detected.

Ready to optimize your plant’s uptime?

The Navigance Plant Monitor works with all plant technologies and setups.

So let’s put it to work in yours.

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