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Maximize your plant’s availability. Optimize your chemical process.
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The Navigance suite explained

See and harness your plant data like never before.

Navigance is software as a service that lets you unlock the potential in your data. A single, robust platform that delivers detailed insights, helps you maximize plant uptime and optimize production processes.

The Navigance suite combines advanced data visualization, machine learning and analytics technologies with access to world-class chemical process and data science expertise.

Choose what you need now, at this stage of your digitalization journey. Then take the next steps with confidence – all without tying up your in-house resources.

Navigance suite for chemical processes

What do you need right now?

your chemical process

your plant’s availability

your plant’s data

OPTIMIZE your chemical process 

Navigance Optimization Engine

Optimize your chemical process with intelligence, around the clock, to hit all your key performance objectives – from output to energy consumption.

The Navigance Optimization Engine combines hybrid plant models with machine learning to spot patterns in your process data and recommend ways to improve process control settings.

It includes the Navigance Data Platform plus ongoing support from our world-class process experts. For clear, continuous insights you can act on with confidence.

Navigance Optimization Engine
Navigance data visualization

MAXIMIZE your plant's availability

Navigance Plant Monitor

Focus your energies on what needs addressing now – and your core plant operations. The Navigance Plant Monitor provides automated, AI-based monitoring and alerting to help keep your plant available 24/7.

Access all data and recommended actions anywhere with the Navigance Data Platform, included in this solution. And take fast, effective, proactive action to resolve issues and anomalies before they ever become problems.

VISUALIZE your plant's data

Navigance Data Platform

Take control of data gathered across your plants and processes, for more informed analysis, decisive action, and sharper decision making.

The Navigance Data Platform is a cloud-based software service that puts powerful visualization of real-time and historical plant data at your fingertips, on a single customizable dashboard.

Data you can share securely with those who need it anywhere, to transform how you work together.

Navigance Data Platform

Benefits for everyone

Navigance is good news for everyone in your plant.

Managers can:

Track the measures most critical to your plant and its objectives. And steer processes and support your operators and engineers to deliver on business and operational goals and priorities.

Engineers can:

Set your goals and constraints for optimizing your process. Get alerts from your Navigance Plant Monitor and recommendations from the Optimization Engine. And work with operators to take actions quickly.

Operators can:

Act with confidence and focus. Get a clearer view of your plant’s patterns. Continuous 24/7 monitoring and alerting for proactive, targeted maintenance. Plus recommendations on how to optimize your process, which you can directly apply.

Tailored to you and what you do.

Our approach works with any technology license and catalyst. And we can’t wait to show what it could mean for you.

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Whatever you need right now, we’re here to help make it happen.

The Navigance suite works with any plant setup, chemical process and technology mix. So talk to our experts about a solution tailored to your specific needs.

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