Taking plant efficiency and profitability to the next level.

At the core of Navigance is state-of-the-art technology that helps optimize your plant’s performance. It provides a unique combination of:

  • Automated data preparation
  • Advanced, plant-specific process models
  • Machine learning
  • Real-time data analytics
  • A single, intuitive web-based dashboard

Together, they can deliver 24/7, actionable advice to help you continuously optimize control variable settings and performance based on your plant’s data.  And it’s all backed by expert advice from the Navigance team.

How Navigance technology works for you

Navigance takes a fresh approach to find untapped potential in your chemical processes.
Here’s where and how our technology gets to work – and what that means for how you work.

First, we’ll review your plant, its setup, available sensors and measurements and any operational constraints.
Together, we’ll identify the process data key to measuring performance and start to track it.

Process_Hy_AI (2)

Navigance starts with traditional process models and goes beyond them.

We use established first principle techniques, physico-chemical relationships and engineering principles to build an initial model that describes your plant.

This is then enhanced with machine learning to create AI-enhanced hybrid models informed by your real-time plant data.

By carefully integrating unknowns using arbitrary functions, we can ensure a good fit for all observed data, that relevant effects are captured, and insights generated are of a high predictive quality.

These hybrid models can adapt easily to your plant’s data and generate reliable, prescriptive advice to help you optimize your operations.

Process data-3

Navigance data-driven models and algorithms take all observed data into account, learning intuitively and adapting quickly.

You can respond quickly to changing conditions and a host of factors that could affect your processes – from varying load scenarios to deactivating catalysts.

Data driven

As soon as Navigance receives your data, it removes all outliers using adaptive filters, pattern-matching heuristics, etc.

This means you can count on reliable, real-time optimization recommendations for your process control variables based on the data that really matters. And you can act on them with confidence.

Tailored to you and what you do.

Navigance technology and expertise already has a ready-to-go solution for producers of these chemicals:



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Our approach works with any process technology license and catalyst. 
And we can’t wait to show what it could mean for you. 

It’s time to optimize your operation.

We already have a Navigance base solution that’s ready to go. 
So let’s talk about your plant’s setup and needs and tailor it to suit. 

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